From Left To Right: Paul Vogelheim, Rebecca Carlsberg Vogelheim, Barbara Carlsberg

Barbara Carlsberg, my mother-in-law, donated $10,000 to my campaign back in July. I recorded the donation as family in my August filing and was not aware of any issues until the Teton County Democratic party filed a complaint. My team and I reached out to the Secretary of State’s office as soon as we were notified and let them know that I have returned her donation. 

The Democrats quote the Termination of Parental Rights law (Title 14, Chapter 2, Article 3 of Wyoming Statutes). It is particularly painful to read that statute as it implies that since my wife died, Barbara is no longer my mother-in-law.

My family’s heartbreak and loss is not political fodder for anyone.  Please respect how painful Becky’s passing has been — and respect that Barbara and I together immediately and wholeheartedly encircled our family.  I proudly call Barbara, Mom.  We share our grief and love for my amazing wife, Rebecca Carlsberg Vogelheim — and Barbara and I have banded together to support Becky’s girls.  Families who have seen cancer take daughters, wives or mothers…they can understand.  After seeing this low attack, so very many in our community have reached out to me with support, compassion, and love — and to all of you and your families, we say thank you.  We will keep our heads high and work hard to win this election with honor.

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