I believe in a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare. On this issue, my opponent and I are no different. Where we differ is imposing a residential property tax cap — I am for capping the tax and my opponent is not.

As a representative, I will work to ensure Wyoming residents have full access to reproductive health services including the rare and difficult choice to have an abortion.

I say reproductive healthcare because this is not just about abortion. This is about access to care when there are pregnancy complications and access to safe contraception – this is about women’s bodily autonomy.

We need to defeat the trigger ban, and stop the more extreme legislation to further reduce access and criminalize abortion. I have been firm on this position since I started my campaign.

In 2017, as the Teton County GOP Chair, I led the adoption of “respect and compassion for individual freedoms and choices” as a core pillar of the party’s platform. The Republican Party has a legacy that includes advocating for small government and supporting personal liberties. In the Wyoming Legislature, I will work hard with my fellow Republicans – who make up the vast majority of the legislative body – to recommit to those core principles.

I also believe, as a state, we need to increase support for families, and especially children, throughout the course of their lives.

I am running because we need bridge builders, we need peacemakers. The issues challenging our community and our state are not partisan talking points. We are crippled by high property tax increases on our homes, struggling with the highest suicide rates in the nation. If elected, I will be a voice and an advocate for our community in Cheyenne.

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