I promise I will work for you, our community, and the people of Wyoming. I will not back down and I will not put comfort and favor from a few over the needs of our community and the people of Wyoming. Partisan politics are tearing us apart when we need to come together to find solutions to property tax, state lands, affordable housing, behavioral health, and reproductive health access. I am, and I have always been a Republican.

I am the kind of republican who believes in small government and public-private solutions, like Al Simpson.

I am the kind of republican who believes in stewardship of our wild places, like Teddy Rosevelt.

I am the kind of republican who believes in America and its endless promise of hope and opportunity for all, like Ronald Reagan.

And, I am the kind of republican who believes in the truth and putting our country, our community before our party.

Every, single vote will count, and I am asking for your vote and your trust. Your trust that I will always work for the greater good and work on real solutions, not scoring political favor with useless bills that do not serve our community.

As I shared in last week’s email, I am running because I know I can help our community with balanced solutions; residential property caps, reproductive healthcare access, early intervention behavioral healthcare, balancing conservation with private property rights and affordable housing solutions. I am the type of republican that believes the best solutions come from the middle, through a civil exchange of ideas and perspectives.

As the campaign season kicks into high gear, I am excited to connect with you when I am out going door-to-door, at meet and greets, and through your emails and comments. Thank you all for your comments, donations (of both time and money), and overall support is deeply appreciated.

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