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Community leaders supporting Paul Vogelheim for Wyoming House District 23.

Experience & Integrity

“Most important and appealing for me is that Paul and Liz both agree on reproductive rights. Yet as a Republican, Paul could actually work to solve those issues at the state level.

– Annie Estes

“I am proud to endorse Paul Vogelheim for House District 23.

I’ve known Paul for nearly 10 years. His ability to build relationships and get things done for the people of Wyoming is unparalleled and will make him an effective representative in Cheyenne.

Paul Vogelheim’s calm and thoughtful approach will help us tackle Teton County’s property tax and housing challenges. He will bring a balanced approach in discussions about State School Sections.

– Governor Mark Gordon, Wyoming

“Paul is more interested in results than who gets credit for the results. He is a consensus builder. You can trust him. When I was CEO of St Johns I worked with Paul on many important community and hospital issues. I always found Paul to be trustworthy and dependable. If Paul said he would do something it would get done. He had a way to reach across the aisle and develop consensus. I support Paul without reservations ”

– Paul Beaupre

“I support Paul because he is a man of incredible integrity, intelligence, compassion and experience. As an elected official myself, I do not typically endorse candidates, but I have so much respect for and confidence in Paul that I felt obligated to do so. Paul is a proven leader, with a long-term track record of being efficient and effective. He intimately understands local and state government and will instantly become an impactful representative. Paul will improve our standing in Cheyenne at a time when we desperately need it.”

– Jim Rooks

“Paul has already demonstrated his competence from his many years of service in our community. He is an open-minded learner and listener. He will gain an understanding of the issues and advocate for our community with all of his might. We are so fortunate he is willing to expand his service to representing us in Cheyenne.”

– Charisse Meadows Haws

Paul has a proven track record of service to Jackson Hole and Teton County through extensive public service, volunteerism, and board-level leadership spanning over two decades. His thoughtful approach to opportunities and issues facing our community will make Paul an outstanding representative for all of us at the state level. He has the knowledge, experience, and respect from his peers to get the job done. I can’t think of a better candidate for us to send to Cheyenne!

– Jason Williams

“I have watched Paul work with a diverse cross section of our community, young or experienced, monied or barely getting by, to build consensus and push through results that benefit Teton County and the residents who reside here. If it is volunteering through the local Rotary club or heading to Cheyenne to help with Teton County issues – Paul gets the results we desire. Paul has put the time in and has built the relationships needed to get results Teton County residents want.

If you are fiscally conservative, no matter what letter represents your political party, and you want your government to reign in their spending and provide the best return on investments (monetary and personally) Paul has proven that he is the candidate who will represent your interests in Cheyenne.”

– Frank Lane

If Teton County wants its voice to be heard, Paul is certainly the most qualified representative to send to Cheyenne.

I support Paul because he is the most experienced, competent, and dedicated leader I know.”

Carrie Schrauder

“As a 3-term member of the Wyoming House, I know the hurdles that need to be cleared to be from Teton County and to be respected.

Paul Vogelheim is the person who can bring a sense of respect and relatability to Cheyenne.

Ruth Ann Petroff

I have voted for Paul in all of his elected positions. He is thoughtful, sincere, honest and smart.

We need our elected officials to stop, think and act in a smart and thoughtful way. Paul uses his brain and does not get swept up in just following a party’s line. He listens and he learns then acts in a decisive manner that makes sense.

Lee Ann Inberg Schuff

“I got to know Paul when we served together on the Board of the Community Foundation. He is wise and kind and is willing to do the hard work of understanding all sides of the story. He is a great listener, thinks before he speaks, and genuinely cares that everyone comes away with the best outcome possible.”

– Barbara Hoeft

“Paul is a great guy and is out to do what is right for America even if it means standing up to the status quo of his own party. He is a logical person, in an illogical world”

Graeme Swain

“Paul is my type of politician. He will listen to his constituents and he will reflect the will of the people with his votes. I cannot think of anyone who will do a better job. Paul has always been involved with the community and given so much of his time. He really cares about our community and understands its specific needs.”

– Clarene Law

“As a business owner for 16 years, I’ve had the opportunity to know him as an open-minded person. I’ve watched Paul achieve great things as a County Commissioner. Paul is a true people person. People should vote for Paul is a dedicated member of our community and would tirelessly service House District 23.”

– Robert Hollis

“Paul is a leader who brings people together and gets things done. As a past WYDOT commissioner, I’ve watched Paul in action regarding our Teton County roads and highways. He jumps in proactively and builds relationships, which allow projects to keep moving forward. He and others were able to deliver eight wildlife crossings and effective migration designs
into our South Highway 89 project. It’s subtle, but these things make a difference and reduce wildlife mortality.

Once elected, I expect Paul will be a tremendous help to provide leadership in the Highway 22 and Snake River Bridge design to reduce congestion, while maintaining our communities values and character.”

– Todd Seeton

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Paul will bring a trusted and respected Teton County voice to the Wyoming Legislature, one that will be listened to respectfully by his colleagues there.

I’ve been volunteering for conservation organizations for over 35 years, the past 12 as a full-time permanent resident of Teton County. Paul’s long-time work with ConservAmerica and locally as a Teton County Commissioner has established him as a respected leader in the conservation of our lands, waters and wildlife. 

– Bernard J. McHugh

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