As a representative, I will work to ensure Wyoming residents have full access to reproductive health services and the privacy they need to make important healthcare decisions with their medical providers without interference from the government.

I believe all life is very important and understand that the right to access reproductive care is a deeply passionate issue for those on all sides of the debate. As a Christian, I also believe each of us is empowered with free will, which is a gift and a responsibility for each individual. We can navigate this with compassion, thoughtfulness, and trust in individuals to make their own decisions. 

In 2017, as the Teton County GOP Chair,  I led the adoption of “respect and compassion for individual freedoms and choices” as a core pillar of the party’s platform. The Republican Party has a legacy that includes advocating for small government and supporting personal liberties. In the Wyoming Legislature, I will work hard with my fellow Republicans – who make up the vast majority of the legislative body – to recommit to those core principles.

I also believe, as a state, we need to increase support for families, and especially children, throughout the course of their lives.

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