From the Senior Center to the Brew Pub, everyone is rightly concerned and talking about our dramatic property tax increases.

We cannot sustain the current level of property tax increases in our community. We are quickly losing our community character because many of the people that make Jackson amazing cannot afford to live here anymore.

At the State Level

As your state representative, I will build alliances with other Wyoming communities because dramatic property tax increases are now affecting all Wyomingites. I have relationships throughout the state and can work to build the alliances needed to introduce real legislative solutions that help our neighbors and bring property tax relief now.

Second, I will work to expand and increase relief rebate programs. These programs need to be fully funded and ready to immediately deliver relief to those who need it most, especially those residents on fixed incomes.

Third, we need to cap the rate at which home values increase. Idaho uses this model. I will work to limit any increase in home values to 5% per year. As your state legislator, I will work to enact legislation and/or amendments to the constitution that cap the increase on your home values.

At the Local Level

As a Teton Commissioner for 10 years, I was successful in reducing our local mill levies. We must continue that fight to keep local mills low, and we need fiscally conservative candidates on the County Commission and other local special districts.

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