No Property Tax Increases
Greater Fiscal Accountability...
  • Changed waste management operations... First year savings: at least $155,000.
  • Introduced changes to health care strategies... cost increases reduced at least 10%.
  • Prioritized spending on critical safety and service needs including support for community human service organizations.
Delivered Airport Public Transportation....facilitated a public/private partnership.
Improved County's Organizational Structure


Conserve...Wildlife, Open Spaces and Property Rights by accelerating updates for the Land Development Regulations with aggressive and firm deadlines.

We must conserve our magnificent wildlife and beautiful open spaces, while respecting private property rights. The vision of our Community's Comprehensive Plan is to preserve and protect our area's ecosystem in order to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy for current and future generations.

We need greater urgency and focus for the Comp Plan implementation into our Land Development Regulations (LDRs). I think Jackson Hole's wildlife and ecosystem are under threat due to the loss of wildlife habitat and conductivity. Until we update our LDRs, we are on hold and not able to respond to these threats -- nor deliver on other vision statements in our Comp Plan.

Workforce Housing...encourage more private sector and rental solutions.

Talking to people throughout our community and with members of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, the lack of local rentals and workforce housing was a major issue this summer. We do have a goal of housing 65% of our workforce and maintaining this is important for our community charter.

I have both private and pubic sector suggestions for our shortage of workforce housing, and there are definitely immediate opportunities to encourage the private sector to step up and expand rental unit solutions. In addition, we need to encourage employers and developers to join us in finding the right solutions.

On the private sector side, it's exciting to see Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's Powder Horn Employee Housing project come to life. This could be an employee housing model for other employers in our valley. Phase-One (and its 96 bedrooms) will be delivered this November. Going forward we need to complete our land development regulations to provide clarity to unleash the private sector to help provide more rental options.

On the public side, The Grove project's Phase One is underway and is located just south our Teton County Library. The overall project will have 68 affordable units with a mix of deed restricted and rental units, with a projected cost of $25 million. We hope for greater collaboration between the Town of Jackson and Teton County on future public projects.

Progressive Transportation Solutions…our community values need to influence WYDOT's highway and reconstruction designs.

Automobiles are our primary form of transportation and we need to focus on efficient roadways. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has the jurisdictional authority to manage our key roads and highways. I have established relationships with WYDOT folks in Jackson, Rock Springs and Cheyenne. I would like to facilitate a unified and constructive voice in order to influence WYDOT's designs to reflect our community values and character. This is best done on their terms -- like using WYDOT's Urban Systems Design (for traffic modeling).

I really appreciate the collaborative work on the highway over Togwotee pass. It serves as a great example of our community having an influence on the highway design (especially with wildlife crossings), as Togwotee reflects many of our community values as well. It should be applauded and it should serve as a model of successful cooperation.

We have begun an Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP) for our community, which will provide traffic and START rider data, traffic forecasting, and road network and transportation recommendations. This will be rolled out into a public workshop on October 29th and preliminary findings to town and county electeds on December 9th. From preliminary data, our community's three hot spot/problem areas are: High School Road, the intersection of Highways 89 and 22 (The Y) and Wilson. Also, there is a concern with the steady increase in commuters (averaging an additional 5% per year) driving the Snake River Canyon and across Teton Pass. The hope is for Teton County Commissioners to sit down with WYDOT and share our findings and ideas from our Integrated Transportation Plan when completed in early 2015.

Our community has already initiated many progressive alternative modes and programs of transportation, and we need to expand on these:
  • START should be fare-free in our valley and routes expanded.
  • Our private public partnership with AllTrans (which provides public transportation to our airport via the Ride2Fly program) should be encouraged and expanded.
  • Our pathway master plan and current gaps in the system need to be completed. We should be very proud of our pathway system and our new bridge over the Snake River!
It is true that a major threat to Jackson Hole wildlife and our greater Yellowstone Ecosystem include the loss of wildlife due to increases in traffic. A goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to reduce wildlife and vehicle collisions and we track this as part of our annual indicators each spring.

In general, the nighttime slow down in vehicle speeds has and will continue to reduce wildlife collisions. Additional suggestions offered by the Jackson Wildlife Foundation for Highway 390 such as brush clearing by our roadways and increase lighting are also important. Review of specific kill zones and by species will allow for adaptive solutions to be generated. These are very complex issues and there is not just one silver bullet (like wildlife crossings) to address fixes for each species of deer, elk, antelope, and moose.

BACKGROUND Conservationist--Being good steward of Teton County's matchless wildlife and scenic wonders. "God bless Wyoming and keep it wild" -Helen Mettler, age 15,1925
  • Vogelheim supports the Jackson Hole Land Trust and helped facilitate 400 acre conservation easement on a Ring Lake Ranch -featured in Open Lands, Winter 2010 issue
  • Vogelheim helped lead the adoption of a Teton County resolution urging the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission to release of information regarding chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing
  • Vogelheim has been the Wyoming Coordinator, Conserve America (aka Republicans for Environment Protection) since 2007
Collaborative Style---Listening, humility and courage to lead "The ability to meet people where they are and to accept differing viewpoints, the willingness to think outside the box and/or to accept the inevitable in a positive way…good example of this would be Paul's work with WYDOT. I basically want someone who I like and of whom I can be proud."
--April Norton

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